Healing and repairing teeth with aesthetic restorations and root canals treatments

Conservative dentistry focuses on healing and repairing teeth, aesthetic restorations (fillings) as well as root canals treatments (endodontics). The ultimate goal of conservative dentistry is healthy functioning teeth and a beautiful smile.


Dental caries

The most common treatment in conservative dentistry is the treatment of dental caries. Nowadays, tooth decay is the most prevalent disease of the teeth.

The treatment

After the removal of caries, we then fill the healthy parts of the tooth to maintain its vitality and functionality. The fillings vary from a classic seal to advanced ceramic fillings (inlays and onlays) which are more durable, resistant and better aesthetically.



The healing of the root canals is the basic intervention of conservative dentistry.

The treatment

The endodontic treatment begins with the removal of the affected tooth tissue, the inflamed dental pulp and a thorough cleaning of the tooth canal. After cleaning the tooth channel is then filled with the root structure maintained to minimise disruption to the patients mouth. Endodontic procedures are completely painless and performed using local anaesthesia.


A well performed endodontic treatment of the tooth can still serve you for many years and then used as the carrier of the dental bridge or crown of the tooth


Advanced technology & materials

Our laboratory uses high grade and hybrid ceramics, which is formed using CAD / CAM technology to perfectly replace the tooth defect (inlays, inlays, overlays).

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