Invisalign orthodontics and clear aligners

Orthodontics is a well-known branch in dentistry, especially to children and their parents. It is often disliked by children in their early years but adored later in their teens. Parents usually seem to be well informed about orthodontics, as they have experienced every step along with their children, from paying for treatments and watching to…

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How to prevent inflammation around implants?

Implant-prosthetic rehabilitation is a new, healthy start for periodontally compromised patients. However, both the patient and the dentist should do everything in their power to prevent inflammation around the teeth and implants. Regular check-ups, proper oral hygiene and regular professional teeth cleaning are of great importance when it comes to maintenance and prevention of periodontitis…

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Periodontitis or inflammation of the gums surrounding the teeth – cause, consequences, treatment and prevention

What is periodontitis? The most common cause of gingivitis, gum bleeding or tooth mobility is periodontitis, or the so-called gum disease. It is often considered to be an incurable disease affecting the elderly population. Periodontitis is a disease caused by bacteria and can occur for several reasons. It has a genetic background, and it is…

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