What is prophylaxis and why is it an essential part of our dental care?

In dental medicine, the term prophylaxis is used for preventive procedures that prevent the occurrence or further development of certain diseases of the oral cavity. Many diseases of the oral cavity, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, periimplantitis or caries can be prevented with prophylaxis which includes regular dental visits every 6 months (in some cases more often).

With each visit, each patient is approached completely individually thanks to the most advanced X-ray diagnostics and visual oral examination. One of the most important aspects of prophylaxis is the professional cleaning of teeth and gums according to the Swiss Guided Biofilm Therapy protocol (GBT protocol), which allows us to achieve and maintain the health of the oral cavity, and thus a beautiful smile.




Professional teeth cleaning – GBT protocol vs. invisible clusters of bacteria (biofilm)

Biofilm in the oral cavity is also known as dental plaque, and is considered the main cause of caries and other diseases of the oral cavity. Bacteria that live in biofilm feed on sugar from the food we eat, and as a result of their metabolic processes, they create acids that cause caries. Biofilm is often invisible and difficult to remove, which is why we use the GBT protocol.  This specific protocol was developed for the reason to remove biofilm more efficiently. Guided Biofilm Therapy or GBT is a prophylactic protocol developed in Switzerland under the leadership of the dental company EMS (Electro Medical System), The protocol itself was developed in 1983 in collaboration with universities and dentists around the world.


How does the GBT protocol teeth cleaning process work?

The GBT protocol is implemented with clinically proven and innovative EMS devices and instruments such as AIRFLOW, PERIOFLOW and PIEZON that enable the safe, fast and painless removal of biofilm, pigmentation and tartar from the surface of teeth and gums. Classical tooth cleaning that does not follow the GBT protocol unfortunately removes only 50% of the biofilm which is completely insufficient for removing any infection. Also, by using somewhat outdated instruments, classic teeth cleaning can sometimes be painful and over-invasive, unlike with the EMS devices and instruments that are completely safe, non-invasive and comfortable.


Uklanjanje-biofilma-zubi-GBT protokol
GBT protocol of professional teeth cleaning


We painlessly remove harmful biofilm

Our professional team that leads our Prophylaxis Office is specifically educated on the proper use of the EMS devices and on the implementation of the GBT protocol. After a professional teeth cleaning, the following step of the GBT protocol is educating patients on their current oral health status and how to maintain good oral hygiene until their next visit.

It has been scientifically proven that regular cleanings and thorough removal of biofilm and tartar results in healthier teeth and a more beautiful smile.


ciscenje zubi rijeka



Because a healthy smile is a beautiful smile!

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