Holistic dentistry for improved gums and a healthy mouth

Preservation of the gums is called ‘Periodontology’ and is regarded as a ‘holistic’ form of dentistry. It maintains the health of tissues supporting the teeth called the periodontium and is a prerequisite for a healthy mouth.


Periodontists have a specialist understanding of the science of your mouth, teeth, jaw and gums. They also have a thorough knowledge of the different kinds of diseases that can manifest their symptoms and suitable treatment methods.


Periodontitis a bacterially induced inflammation of the tooth’s supporting structure, which can spread to other parts of the human body and represent a risk factor for many general diseases.


Our Institute uses the most advanced techniques, latest dental technologies to achieve and maintain optimum gum health.


An overview of Periodontology

Diagnosis & initial therapy

The first step after diagnosis of any form of inflammation of the Periodontium is an initial periodontal therapy. A periodontists removes the tartar, staining and soft layers, as well as the infected tissue on the surface of the roots.


This is followed by brushing and polishing above and below the gum, thereby reducing the number of bacteria in the periodontal pocket. ologies to achieve and maintain optimum gum health.


Surgical treatment

If the initial treatment was unable to cure the condition, a simple surgical therapy is required which removes the periodontal pocket. In order for surgical therapy to provide best results, we use a special material Emdogain which promotes the regeneration of hard and soft tissue which was lost due to periodontal disease.

Cosmetic treatment

Periodontal surgery is widely used to correct an improper position of the gums (retraction or recession) or to create a stable and healthy gum situation before prosthetic restorations.

Simple prevention

Prevention is an important factor in preventing periodontitis. Simple measures such as plaque control, oral
hygiene and regular dental visits are essential in the fight for the preservation of healthy mouth.


Gum problems

Many factors such as a weakened immune system, genetics or smoking can influence the development and spreading of gum problems. Some of the most common diseases are Gingivitis which is gum inflammation and Periodontitis, a bacterial inflammation of the tissue that causes receding gums.

Periodontitis and implants

For potential implant patients suffering from parodontosis, it is critical the procedure should not be performed without prior treatment. The same bacteria that causes Periodontitis will also cause inflammation (peri-implantitis) which can lead to loss of implants. When the parodontosis is brought under control, the implants will be equally successful as in other patients.

If you have concerns with your gums, or think you may have symptoms of gum disease, contact us to organise an appointment with one of our Periodontists.

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