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Once the design of a patient’s smile is prepared, the planned design can sometimes be transferred to the patient’s teeth very realistically by means of provisional prosthetic work.


This method includes a complete visualisation of the process, where the patient is allowed to assess whether they are completely satisfied with the shape, size and colour of their future teeth.


This ensures complete satisfaction for all our patients new smiles

A fast, cost-efficient and effective solution for a natural looking smile.

The original graftless full-arch solution on four implants


All-on-4® is a fast, efficient and effective solution for patients who have lost their natural teeth and have to wear dentures. It is one of the most common methods of rehabilitation of full edentulism using fixed bridges, where the patient receives provisional fixed teeth in just one day.


3D diagnostics &
treatment planning


One day surgery &
teeth in a day


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The All-on-4® method installs
4 implants in the jaw

Taking into account the patient’s anatomical structure, the two rear implants are placed in an oblique position, while the front two implants are placed in an upright position. With such an arrangement of implants, this method gives 4 strong bases, with excellent spatial arrangement, which are able to rehabilitate the structure of the entire row of teeth.


All-on-4®… 6… 8

and Zygoma Implants



Total edentulism or ‘soon to be edentulous’ situations confuse patients, and often less experienced doctors about how many implants to place and what concept of
therapy to choose.


There are 4, 6 or even 8 implants used in fixed implant-prosthetic rehabilitation.


The main question is when to use 4, when 6, and when 8 implants? There are also zygomatic implants available for extreme bone loss situations and other procedures using guided bone regeneration.

So when, how much, and why is a crucial question during the treatment planning?

To answer that complexed question, I will start with the All-on-4® concept…


This concept assumes the placement of 4 implants. 


All-on-4® ‘implants’ are implanted in a specific way, they must be well sized, with sufficient bone and  the bone must be wide enough. The great advantage is that the All-on-4® concept uses the most favourable anatomical area for implant placement, where the bone is usually sufficient and where it is of the highest quality, density and firmness. 


For this reason, a fixed temporary bridge can be made on such implants, which gives the patient great comfort and continuity to the normal behaviour of their daily routine. This is an excellent concept that does not require additional surgery for bone regeneration. 

Fixed bridges on 6 implants

Fixed bridges on 6 implants is a classic approach that is applied in situations where the bone is not large enough and firm enough to carry the ‘large’ All-on-4® implants, so we then resort to placing 6 implants.


Fixed bridges on 8 implants

In other cases where the implants can only be short and narrow, the number of anchors should be increased to 8 implants and sometimes bone regeneration maybe needed to increase their stability. Of course, this concept implies higher costs of therapy and longer duration of the therapy itself. This method is used in extreme bone-loss situations to deliver fixed bridges where patients can equally receive a fully functional and extremely secure aesthetic prosthetic replacement.

Zygomatic implants

This challenging treatment enables extreme resorptions of the bone in upper jaw where the jaw no longer allows implant placement. The jaw can be rehabilitated by using special zygomatic implants into the area of the cheekbones that consists of a very stable and hard bone (facial).


Zygomatic implant treatment is a demanding procedure requiring full sedation or some cases conscious sedation. During the duration of the therapy, a temporary replacement of the teeth significantly increases the patients comfort.


So, what makes the difference?


This complex surgery is used where the patients have no other option. However, it has many benefits including stability, comfort and a graftless procedure with one final fixed bridge.


The result is a beautiful smile and teeth in a day!

Dr Damir Jelusic


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