The first step is to go in for a check-up and a consultation with a dentist who is trained for using Invisalign technology. The consultation covers several important aspects which are key to getting the most out of your Invisalign therapy.

Then you will have photographs taken of your face, teeth and profile, as well as have an intraoral scan of your teeth made.  Afterwhich, begins what makes the Invisalign treatment method unique. Scanning of the dental arches is done using an optical impression method. Instead of traditional and unpleasant impression materials, the doctor uses an optical device to makes a detailed record of your teeth and can view them on the big screen. Altogether these make up the input data used for further analysis – we study the simulation of your treatment on the screen, if needed, make possible modifications, and come up with alternative treatment options for you or your child.

The greatness of the Invisalign revolution in orthodontics lies those simulated outcomes, the analysis and algorithms which were developed through many years of experience and cooperation between dentists and computer scientists. These algorithms give a clear picture of the treatment’s final outcome and are able to precisely and accurately plan tooth movements.





The patient is informed with the progress and the stages of the Invisalign treatment

The presentation of the treatment progress is very conclusive, straightforward, and realistic. It shows the progress of tooth movement in weekly intervals in video format.. If there are other alternative options, you will be presented with a video for each one. You will then discuss the videos and treatment with your doctor, discuss all the advantages and disadvantages and make a final decision. You decide what is the best or most acceptable treatment choice for you.


What happens when I get my first clear aligner?

Once your clear aligners have been made, you will come in for a fitting, but not of traditional braces. You will have small fillings that look like buttons bonded to your teeth. These are not like braces rather they are toothcolored and you barely feel them. These buttons are called attachments and they direct forces which move your teeth into the correct position. It is also often necessary to widen the space between individual teeth by 0.1-0.3 mm so as to allow them to be moved and placed in an ideal position.

In addition to the buttons or attachments, you will also receive your clear aligners, or invisible braces, which cover your teeth like thin armor. The number of aligners your treatment includes depends on the complexity of your treatment plan. For children, aligners are changed once a week and every 10 days for adults. However, there is no need to worry if you forget to replace on time and wear them for a few days or even a week longer – nothing will happen. The aligners are worn 24 hours a day, and you get used to them pretty quickly. With these aligners you can talk, drink, and play sports normally. You can even grind your teeth. They reinforce your teeth and protect them from excessive forces.

You must remove the aligners when eating – once they’re off, you can do everything as usual. You can eat whatever you want, without any fear – bite into apples, almonds, hazelnuts. After eating, put your aligners back in and you’re good to go!

Simple, efficient, and safe!





While wearing the Invisalign aligners, regular check-ups are required

This treatment requires oversight. The check-ups aren’t frequent, every 2-3 months is recommended. In the meantime, wear and change your aligners according to your treatment plan and they’ll do their job efficiently and painlessly. If you can’t come in for a check-up during your treatment, there is an App you can use to send us a selfie and we can take it from there.


How does the treatment end?

A final scan and analysis will reveal if there is still room for improvement or if additional aligners are needed in order to reach the ideal result. If this happens to be the case, your treatment continues a while longer until you get to reach the grad finale.

You will feel happy and satisfied, without additional stress, unexpected situations, and expenses. Once your treatment is finished, the final result is scanned and you will be given special aligners that maintain your result, also known as retainers, as used in traditional orthodontic treatment. Retainers are worn at night and they are comfortable, transparent, colorless, hygienic and maintain your results.


Why is Invisalign superior?

The use of transparent aligners for teeth straightening has significant advantages:

  • An accurate diagnosis and treatment plan
  • A simulation of the course of the treatment and the possibility of having several options on video
  • The teeth move very slowly but continuously. Such movement is more favorable for biological reasons, as the forces acting on the tooth are significantly lower
  • Aligners add extra protection too your teeth, which is especially important and beneficial for people who grind their teeth during the night (bruxism)
  • You can easily upkeep your oral hygiene and therefore avoid developing gingivitis as is common with classic braces.
  • There are no restrictions in diet nor practicing sports – it is very “functional” for weight loss
  • There are no mechanical complications that can cause pain, discomfort or urgent visits to the doctor


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