Orthodontics is a well-known branch in dentistry, especially to children and their parents. It is often disliked by children in their early years but adored later in their teens. Parents usually seem to be well informed about orthodontics, as they have experienced every step along with their children, from paying for treatments and watching to see whether the results are satisfactory. They are often the ones who decide on the fate of some permanent teeth, which at times need to be extracted for orthodontic purposes. However, things are changing.


How did Invisalign revolutionize orthodontics?

A revolution in orthodontics, Invisalign (INVISable ALIGNing), is a new digital approach in orthodontics and is described as an invisible teeth-adjustment treatment. This treatment is based on a digital scan of dental arches and the analysis of tooth misalignments, in addition to 3D printing of custom clear aligners. These aligners, together with small composite attachments bonded to teeth, direct the teeth into the desired direction, and ultimately position teeth into a perfect dental arch.




What does the Invisalign technology have to offer and why should you consider it when choosing the orthodontic treatment?

  • Instead of deciding based on unknown results, with the Invisalign treatment plan we can view a tooth-movement simulation that lets us analyze the treatment progress
  • There are several treatment options, e.g., with or without tooth extraction, opening or closing space ….
  • You will be more comfortable during meals, the same as without orthodontic treatment, because the aligners are easily removed before a meal and returned after
  • You will not have to worry about possible injuries or damage to the cheek tissue while playing sports or during other physical activities …
  • Along with having healthy teeth and gums, you will easily maintain your oral hygiene and keep that feeling of a clean mouth and teeth
  • You will be comfortable and worry-free on trips and in the absence of your dentist… without the fear of any complications, e.g., brackets breaking or wires becoming loose
  • In addition to all of this, the treatment is very flexible – corrections or refinements can be made without added charges, easily and without concern.




Are clear aligners only for children?

Invisalign symbolizes the latest generation of orthodontic treatment based on modern, sophisticated, and advanced digital technology. Today, this technology is used worldwide, and it is the most developed and widely used digital technology in orthodontics.


There are various reasons to straighten your teeth. A typical indication such as crowded teeth is found in children who are still developing, and whose jaw and tooth size are not properly aligned. However, there can be other reasons such as preprosthetic teeth alignment, meaning the harmonization of tooth position and its axis prior to prosthetic treatment. Teeth straightening after the loss of one or more teeth in order to later place implants in an optimal position.  Dental attrition, a condition commonly found in adults due to wear from masticatory force strength and the unfavorable position of the teeth in the jaw. All these situations require orthodontic treatment to move teeth into their optimal position as to keep them from further harm, protect them and / or prepare them for prosthetic restorations…


Invisalign treatment is not only suitable for children, but also for adults and the elderly. There are no side effects or risks. So, whether for a child, a doctor, a businessperson or an athlete, your Invisalign treatment will not interfere with your work or private life. You can live comfortably, and we will position your teeth where needed and planned.




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